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Our Cornerstone: Trust

If you trust your photographer your defenses come down. The image, priceless.

Ready for the pickiest of brides

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Fully Obsessive in Fun and Creativity

We constantly push our creative boundries to ensure you get the best images possible.

The Team

Rudy Villalona

Photographer, Director & Cinematographer

A Brooklyn native who has a thing for natural light and breaking the ice in awkward family situations. His style is a hybrid of journalistic and editorial portraiture. He believes that trust is the most important part of portraiture. When Rudy is not shooting stills or video you can find him giving tours at the MET or composing music. Willing to play a pickup game of basketball in socks if necessary, and loves to bake sourdough given the time.

Haley + Nick Sweetman 1/20/18 ~ #rootedmedia

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Stacy Villalona

Photographer, Editor & 1st AC

This Puerto-Rico born, boogie down bred, New Yorker has an eye for details, while being incognito. Her style includes creative perspectives and angles, allowing you to see things differently. Stacy's also our inhouse pre-ceremony therapist. Her favorite part of the day is working with the bride, and documenting her beauty. When Stacy puts down the camera she becomes a mad scientist with her essential oils and loves to create Vegan meals… of course with a little Frank Sinatra playing in the background.


Drop us a quick line if you have any questions or just want to say "Hi". We love making new Friends.

Its easy to get lost in choosing a photographer, where do you start? We are here to help.

First things first: Elegance is usually conveyed best with simplicity. Avoid complicated and elaborate timelines. Oh and try to keep your wedding party under 20. I wish we were kidding.

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